Product Discovery

Product Discovery

The key to the product development is thorough planning and good understanding of the complexity.

Product Discovery Phase

Articulate the product’s vision and mission.
Collecting and analyzing information about the product, market and users.
Identify, assess and prioritize opportunities. Define objectives, deliverables and challenges.


Define the product’s goal and objectives.


Identify potential roadblocks & minimize risks.


Create a Product Roadmap.


Build a functional prototype that aligns to the needs of the customer.

Experience Design

  • Research and strategy
    Good design starts with understanding the intersection between user needs and business needs. This knowledge helps us inform the design to ensure the product’s utility and usability are high.
  • Experience design
    Positive reactions and emotions build trust. Critical to a good experience is ensuring the experience when engaging with the product is pleasurable. We work with your team to ensure that in addition to high utility and usability, the reliability of your product is equally high.
  • Prototypes and development
    Seeing is believing. We develop prototypes to test your hypothesis in the market, internally drive a product idea, attract investors or serve as a reference for your development team. If you want to develop and launch a website or application, we can do that too.

Pitch Deck | Presentation

A brief presentation to help you socialize your idea, your vision, your mission, and applications in the real world.

In partnership with your team, we develop a narrative that enables you to socialize the added value is, potential and impact the product will have.

Interactive prototype

It is possible to test interactively and obtain a navigable flow equal to that of the final product.

This allows usability testing without the need to write code. We analyze the usability of the design before development.

What are the advantages of incorporating a UI/UX team in the product discovery process?

During the process of analysis and product discovery, the UX designer provides concepts of simplicity and usability patterns appropriate to each case, reducing the hours of trial and error. In addition, the UI designer creates navigable prototypes that emulate the behavior of the product to be developed, to evaluate and test its usability with potential users of the interface. The main advantage is that this whole process does not require hours of development.


Before development instances, we perform wireframes and prototypes to simplify, reduce the number of steps and make the system flows more user-friendly.

How do I integrate UI/UX resources into my current development team and its work methodology?

The greatest demand of hours of the UI/UX design team is during the discovery process and in the initial process of the project. At the end of that stage we present all the necessary deliverables to the development team.

During the course of development, the design team provides real-time support to new requirements, modifications and adaptations that arise in that instance.

Equipo de trabajo

What are deliverables?

  • Graphic assets required for each type of platform. (web / iOS / Android)
  • Adobe XD navigable online prototype for usability testing.
  • Adobe XD navigable online prototype with code and reference measurements for development.
  • Pitch Deck or Product Presentation

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